NationBuilder NYC

We need more leaders. And better ones.

NationBuilder's mission is to ensure that everyone can lead. Our software exists to provide leaders with the digital tools they need, and our first NationBuilder Cities location in NYC exists to equip leaders in real life. With regularly scheduled events, leaders can build community, share stories, get training, and gain the skills we need to lead in this era.

Under the leadership of local leaders, we will: 

  • Educate each other on the skills needed to lead in this era, and offer trainings, products, and experiences to help leaders grow.

  • Connect leaders to build supportive community, and host NationBuilder user meet-ups to share best practices and take digital organizing to the next level.

  • Facilitate conversations, led by local leaders, on the real barriers to leadership that hold us back and stand in the way of ensuring that everyonetrulycan lead.

  • Share the latest data and research on what makes leaders successful today, and what strategies give leaders a leg up.

  • Build partnerships with organizations that specialize in training, community-building, and engaging leaders from all different sectors. 

Join us. Attend an event. Host an event. Help to lead this community.

We can't wait to meet you!