Community Guidelines

1) NationBuilder is for everyone. That means everyone is welcome to attend NationBuilder Cities events. If you don’t want to share your content with everyone, feel free to host it somewhere else!

2) NationBuilder Cities is about sharing the skills necessary to leadership as well as diverse thought and perspective. For this to happen, the community requires that we show up respectfully, civilly, non-violently, and with no personal attacks.

Guidelines for Chapter Leaders:

  • Chapter leaders must show up openly, honestly and respectfully. Leaders are expected to communicate clearly about expectations (let people know when to show up, what to bring, what they can expect to learn) and respect people’s time (stick to the schedule!)

  • NationBuilder Cities events cannot discriminate based on ideology. We expect leaders to actively work to create an open and inclusive community.

  • Chapter leads should ask any individual not adhering to the respect and safety of other participants to leave.

  • We encourage leaders to create ticketed events to cover the costs of maintaining the chapter (this also helps with decreasing flake rate). If ticketing does not make sense, you can ask for individual contributions, find a fiscal sponsor to partner with, and be in communication with NationBuilder Cities coordinator.

  • Leaders of official NationBuilder Cities may be granted access to their chapter’s nation, including the ability to organize and host events, create webpages, send emails to their community, etc.

    • The data remains the property of NationBuilder.

    • You’re agreeing not to contact these people for any reason outside of communication about Cities events or permissions will be rescinded.

    • No exports. No spam.