NationBuilder NYC

The world is facing a leadership crisis. The World Economic Forum ranks it among the top challenges facing the global community. And we're up against unprecedented challenges. To tackle them, we need innovative leaders, across sectors, from all walks of life, and all over the world.

At the same time, leaders are underperforming. The same old leaders can't keep doing the same old things. Women, people of of color, folks that identify as LGBTQ, and folks from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds are still dramatically underrepresented in leadership. We need to close those gaps, and embrace new leaders.

Traditional approaches to leadership won't get the job done. The internet has changed the way we connect, who we look to for guidance, who we trust, and how we build communities, opening up new opportunities to create change. We need to take advantage of new data and strategies that make leaders successful and equip folks with that knowledge to lead their communities, their organizations, and the world. 

We need more leaders. And better ones. And NationBuilder is committed to making it happen.

We're building communities of leaders IRL, in cities all over the world. Each is led by local leaders who want to unite with others in their city across diverse backgrounds and diverse sectors, learn from each other, and get equipped in the skills they need to lead in this era. With the guidance of local leaders, NationBuilder Cities exists to tackle barriers so thateveryonecan truly be able to lead, supporting local leaders with resources, experiences, training, and products, as they need them. And, we seek partnerships with other organizations doing incredible things to offer an ecosystem of opportunities and knowledge for the leaders who engage with NationBuilder Cities.  

In New York City, NationBuilder NYC is just getting started. Leaders have already asked for local user meetups to share best practices and learn more about digital organizing with NationBuilder. But they've also asked us for research on what works and training on the skills that make leaders effective, regardless of which sector they belong to or the tools they use to lead. We're happy to provide it, can't wait to see you in real life, and look forward to seeing what you create!

If you're interested in helping to lead NationBuilder NYC , email Hilary Doe at [email protected].